All You Need To Know About Henna Temporary Tattoos


Henna has become one of the trends that have stayed longer and still is promising to stay. Henna tattoos are made using naturally extracted ink from the henna plant. Most religions and cultures have used henna to tattoo their bodies during various events such as weddings while others wear the henna tattoos for body adornment and during religious occasions. Other religions like the Hindus also use henna to make tribal temporary tattoos. Some people even wear henna tattoos instead of jewellery. Currently, some have joined in the trend and decorate themselves with henna tattoos as a fashion style or during festivals.

How is Henna Made

As mentioned before, henna is an extract from the henna tree. The henna is usually obtained from the plant’s flowers or leaves. First, the flowers or leaves are picked and then left to dry. Once they have dried up, they are ground into powdered form. Finally, henna paste is made from the powder which is also used to make the henna temporary tattoos.

Is it Safe to get a Henna Temporary Tattoo

Henna tattoos are safe for you and even safe on the skin so long as the henna used is safe. The naturally extracted henna is very safe and only exists in three colours, i.e orange, red, and brown. Some people use henna to cure skin-related infections meaning that natural henna is very safe to use.

In the current market, however, there are various types of henna made from chemicals and are not safe to use. They are black hennas made using a chemical paraphenylenediamine. This chemical is not safe to use in temporary tattoos.

For How long does the Henna Temporary Tattoo last

Henna tattoos are not permanent. This means after some time depending on the type of henna paste used. Henna pastes derived from the henna plant usually have different qualities which affect their strength. It is however approximated that a henna temporary tattoo can last for approximately 7-14 days. Additionally, the henna tattoo may or may not last longer depending on how the application was done and the amount of time it is left to soak into your skin.

When henna is left for around 3 or more hours it is likely to stay longer than henna left for just a few minutes. Depending on how many days you plan on still having the tattoo, you can regulate the amount of soaking time given. It is however worth noting that since the tattoo is usually either located on your hands or feet, it will fade due to exposure. Washing and using soap also makes the henna fade.


Henna tattoos are considered the most famous type of temporary tattoo. The henna temporary tattoos are drawn on hands or feet using henna paste which is naturally obtained from the henna plant. Henna tattoos are safe to apply and can last upto about 7-14 days. The quality of henna used,and the time left to soak into the skin determine how long the henna can stay. You should however be careful and check which type of henna you are applying since the market has henna that contains chemicals that are harmful to your skin.

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