Are You Using The Best Type Of E-Liquid For You?


Have you been using the same e-liquid for quite a while? Or do you regularly switch from one flavour to another? No matter what type of vaper you are, there may be a type of e-liquid available which is more suited to what you want from vaping. I want to make you aware of the different characteristics of e-liquid and its components which might lead to you finding an improved vaping experience.

What In E-Liquid?

Now firmly established as an alternative to smoking tobacco and a viable form of nicotine replacement therapy, vaping is increasing in popularity; a vital part of the vaping world is the e-liquid used in the many different vape devices. E-liquid has four main components which are –

  • Propylene Glycol – referred to as PG, is a liquid used in the food and medicine industries for many years. Used explicitly in inhaled medicines, PG is utilised in the vaping world as it is also a great carrier of flavour.
  • Vegetable Glycerin – known as VG, is an odourless, clear liquid sourced from plant oils. Thicker in consistency than PG, it is a component of various food and cosmetic products; as a more viscous substance, it produces a more significant amount of vapour for those who want the super thick clouds of vape.
  • Nicotine – the nicotine element of e-liquid will be one of two different types; it will be either traditional freebase nicotine or nicotine salt. The latter uses a newer, less harsh chemical process to produce a smoother vape as an outcome.
  • Food-Based Flavourings – used to give e-liquid its tasty distinctive flavour; they are the flavourings that have been in use in the food industry for many years.

The Different Types Of E-Liquid

E-liquid or vape juice is available in different flavours and with varying levels of PG or VG explicitly designed to heighten specific ways of vaping. The types of e-liquid available to the vapers are referred to by the mix ratio of the two main components, are –

  • 50/50 – with equal amounts of the main components, it is a good all-rounder with both smooth flavour sensation and a decent amount of vapour production.
  • 70/30 – used to describe vape liquid with a higher VG level, specifically designed for vape devices that use a sub-ohm coil. This combination produces the more significant vapour clouds for those who wish to be a cloud chaser.
  • 80/20 – As a direct opposite to the above option, this type of vape liquid uses a higher proportion of PG for those who want a vape that prioritises flavour and the throat hit over vapour output.

Nicotine Levels

As the third principal component of vape juice, the nicotine level is flexible and available in different levels, starting at 3mg and moving through different strengths to a maximum of 20mg per 10ml bottle. While not having an impact on the initial sensation of vaping, it does have a bearing on the overall desired effect when the user absorbs the nicotine. It is possible to start at a high amount of nicotine in your e-liquid and, over time, reduce the nicotine level to the point where it is at a much lower level.

Whatever the way you vape, there may well be a vape liquid available to heighten your vaping experience; hopefully, this information has given you food for thought.

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