Challenges Facing Commercial Office Cleaners


Each business faces its unique challenges, which the owners need to brave to enable them to succeed. This is no exception to commercial office cleaners, both the well-established and the new entrants.

This article will show you the challenges you’ll face doing this business, such as competition and getting the right employees. Read on to find out everything you need to know.


Competition is in every kind of business. But as a company offering office cleaning service expect to face tough competition. To be ahead of the game, you need to have the best services and quality cleaning equipment.

Most customers prefer working with cleaning companies with efficient and current machinery which will not take the cleaner much time to clear the work.

So, if you’ve been in this business for long and have been using the traditional cleaning techniques, you will have to tough time winning such clients.

You also need to incorporate digital marketing strategies to get clients who spend most of their time online looking for the best providers.

Getting the Right Cleaners/Employees

The employees determine the success of your business. So, you need the right cleaners who will not tarnish your company’s name but sell you to other potential clients.

However, getting the right employees who can do this is a challenge to most cleaning companies where it’s believed that you don’t need a degree to be a cleaner.

Some employees might come looking for a job and within a month leave without notice which can be because of various reasons like the demanding nature of the job.

Having high turnover will affect how your customers view you making them not trust your services. Some will also deem you as an unreliable service provider.

Balancing Expenses and Profits

You might also face this challenge, especially before you establish yourself well in this sector. Remember you have to pay your workers, buy cleaning supplements, and maintain the cleaning equipment and any other expense that comes your way within a month.

If you’re not careful with your service charge pricing, you might end up making losses. After realizing that you’re incurring losses, you can decide to increase prices, making some clients cancel the contracts that are not favorable for any business.


Another challenge your employees will face while offering their services to different offices is their safety. Most offices have slippery floors, which require the cleaners to be careful to avoid accidents.

Some of the workplaces also have dangerous machinery that can result in injuries when not handled carefully.

Your employees also working in different offices alone is also a concern as ill-intentioned people can take advantage of that and harm them.

Odd Cleaning Hours

Most commercial cleaning services take place during odd hours when the offices have closed. This can be late in the night or early in the morning.

Finding employees willing to work in such odd hours can be challenging as most would like to work during the day shift.

In addition, if the facility you’re to clean operates 24/7, you will also have a challenge fixing the right time to clean when there will be minimal movement.

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