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The traditional VS online class debate has become popular since the introduction of online education. Most would always stay to attend traditional classes because they think they will not have a lot of online courses. On the other hand, those with online classes share that they learn are direct to the point and employers recognize credible online universities. So, what we are going to break the ups and downs of online courses and traditional courses.

Time: With regard to traditional classes, students must follow the planning provided. Some teachers are strict over time and will not even leave the student when it’s just a minute late. With online courses, you study at your time and for some, there are no delays, the most people who attend online courses already have jobs, businesses or a family. But sometimes online students are also pressed with workplace and school requirements.

Communication / Discussion: The questions are addressed to the teacher in class for a traditional configuration and that the student can get the answer immediately. During the online class, questions are posted in discussion boards or e-mail where other students or teacher can respond. Sometimes personal interaction will help the student better understand the answer to his questions, unlike discussion boards where responses are sometimes short.

Course material: These are provided in the form of different downloads and formats such as audio, text or video for online students. Since technology is widely used in any field, traditional class teachers are asking students to search on an online topic and online portal configurations in which students can download course materials. The disadvantage with this configuration is that some of the course materials need an explanation and students must wait for the next class to ask questions and sometimes it is not discussed and exits during the exams. In addition, topics addressed with online students are directly related to their course and any other additional topic.

CRETIILTY OF PROFESSORS: There is no doubt that the online class VS Traditional class provides credible teachers. Some say that online teachers are not really teachers, but are just experts from a certain area and do not have a degree in education. But credible online universities ensure their students that their teachers are legitimate.
The online class VS traditional class can always be a persistent debate with students and professionals. Whether online or on campus, it will always depend on the student and several factors must be taken into account.

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