Considering Your Location for International Schools in Bangkok


Moving is a stressful time, and nothing can be more stressful than the thought of finding a high-quality school in your new town or city. If you are moving to Bangkok, you’re in luck—they boast some of the best international schools in the world that offer high-quality education with fully trained teachers.

Because there is such a wide range of schools to choose from, the next important thing to consider is where exactly you will want your children to attend school.

Location is Important

If you know already know where you will be living and working, it is essential that you choose a school close to home and/or work. Bangkok is consistently rated in the top 5 cities for the worst traffic in the world every year. If you aren’t careful or don’t plan ahead, a commute can take well over an hour during rush hour, even if it is usually only a 20-minute drive.

Why Outside of the City is a Good Idea

Many people tend to flock to the centre of Bangkok, but as there are so many international schools, you can find a great international school in Bangkok that doesn’t need to be in the busiest area of town. Bangkok has a great highway system and extends long beyond the main areas of Sukhumvit or Sathorn.

The best part about international schools further away from the centre of the city is the amount of space a campus can have. Many schools that are central don’t have nearly as much room to work with, as there are high-rise buildings and hotels that are right next to the campus. However, once you move further out, these schools typically have a larger plot of land, which ultimately leads to a much more impressive campus with more activities and offerings for their students.

Check Your Public Transportation Options

Choosing a school next to public transport is also beneficial. Many international schools in the heart of Bangkok are close to public transport stations to make it easy on parents and students alike. Check to see how close some of these different stations are to know if the commute is manageable.

The main modes of public transportation in Bangkok are:

  • The BTS, Bangkok’s sky train system
  • The MRT, Bangkok’s underground subway system
  • The BMTA, Bangkok’s main bus system

If the school is near one of these stops, it may be a good way for you to safely and quickly get your children to school. Considering how you and your family will commute to and from school can truly improve your quality of life in the big city!

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