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Do you have a need for new emotions and new experiences in your life? Do you want to get an unforgettable experience and always remember the best vacation of your life? Have you spent enough of your energy resources during the period of working time? Then you need an active, health-oriented vacation, giving you the opportunity to renew all your strength and get drunk on a new and enjoyable holiday.

Exactly such a holiday is offered by Explorer tours, which professes the concept of a healthy lifestyle, expanding the horizons of vacationers, and attracting them to cultural heritage. In any case, the vacationer is always satisfied and full of pleasant impressions.

What’s new do we offer?

The company’s original and new offering is an unforgettable journey in a new and little known direction. It’s Pikes Peak tours and charters, which have just appeared, but are already well developed and attract hundreds of customers. The trip includes visits to beautiful mountain peaks and Manitou Spring, which is unique in its mineralogical and medical characteristics.

By the visiting source, all vacationers have the opportunity to engage in health-improving thermal procedures, improve the condition of their cardiovascular, nervous and digestive systems, give their skin the opportunity to look younger and better.

How to realize rest?

All services are provided for a normal and good payment. The cost of a trip lasting from 4 to 8 hours is $89 to $165 for participant. The cost of travel for a group is $499 to $899. Also, the price includes additional services – organizing holidays with children from 8 years old, celebrations and outdoor ceremonies, acquaintance with national cuisine, booking an overnight stay.

Basic and additional services can be easily booked on the website , where there is payment, support, and the opportunity to discuss all the details.

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