Designing & Making A New Product In Thailand


When you have an idea or concept for a product and want to take it to market, it will take a lot of time, research, development, and money to do the job successfully. It is not something that happens overnight, and you will need to find quality manufacturing companies to partner with and make your products for you. You will find below some of the factors you will need to consider, which will show there is much more to making a product than having a good idea.

Coming Up With The Idea

The idea is the relatively easy part, and although not everyone can come up with excellent ideas for products to manufacture, it is still something anyone can do if they can think creatively. Once you have an idea for a product, you will need to find someone to make it for you, presuming you cannot do it yourself.

Finding Manufacturers

You will be able to use the internet to find potential companies to partner with to make your products for you. You will need to discuss the tooling costs and how many units they can make, and at what price, and compare the different answers you receive from the companies to whom you sent an enquiry. Once you have found the ideal manufacturer of your new product, you will then need to think of the packaging.

The Different Packaging Options

Whether you want your packaging to be a simple design, it needs to be made from wood, or you require extruded plastic tubes packaging, Thailand has many options available to you. You will want to consider eco-friendly packaging options, giving you a selling point when targeting customers. You will also want something that looks fantastic, but it is also practical and does not cost too much, as this will eat away at your profits. The company you choose to manufacture your product may assist in this matter, so it is worth talking to them when doing your search.

Protecting Your Product

You may want to apply for a patent for your product to help protect it and ensure nobody steals your idea. However, the process for this is long and drawn out and can also be expensive, especially if you are looking for a worldwide patent. You will need to speak to a specialist about the viability of patenting your product, and in the meantime, carry on with producing it and bringing it to market, as the patent process is so slow. For more information on the way to file a patent and its process, please click here.


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