Detailed guide on how to open bank account at home with Airtel Payments Bank


In today’s era, having a bank account is a must. Banks help you keep your money safe and provide you with a variety of features. Moreover, now many customers prefer to have a digital bank account as well, because it offers a range of benefits with unlimited cashback options. One such bank is Airtel Payments Bank. An online bank that presents a plethora of benefits. With an account in that bank, you can have anything and everything at your fingertips, from paying the electricity bills, DTH recharges, travel bookings and whatnot. Also, as Airtel Payments Bank is a digital bank, you don’t need to physically visit it to open a new bank account. You can do anything and everything in just a few minutes by staying at your home.

If you also want to open a bank account in Airtel Payments Bank at home, read this article. We’re going to provide a step-by-step guide. Let’s begin! These steps will take only a few minutes and the process of account opening will take only few hours or days.

How to Open a Savings Account Online with Airtel Payment Bank

Step 1: Download the Airtel Thanks app on your android or iOS device. You can find it easily on the play store or App store.

Step 2: Login using your mobile number and enter the OTP.

Step 3: Now, apply for an account opening. Click on ‘Video KYC’ or the banner available in the application.

Step 4: Once you complete the steps mentioned above, add your details and verify your Aadhaar and PAN. Also, add a few more details about you.

Step 5: After that, you need to go on a 1-minute-long video call. Complete it with Airtel Payments Bank officially anytime between 10:00 AM to 09:00 PM on all seven days. Note that, whenever you go for the video call, keep your PAN card handy.

Step 6: You’re done! Your digital bank account is ready now. The bank will provide you with your account details along with your digital debit card.

What are the benefits of opening an account with Airtel Payments Bank?

Your Airtel Payments Bank digital savings account provides-

  1. ZERO balance account: With this digital bank account, you don’t require to keep any minimum balance limit. You can open the account with ZERO balance.
  2. 6% interest per annum: With Airtel Payments Bank, you get a chance to enjoy up to 6% interest on your savings account. This makes it a choice for most individuals.
  3. Contactless Payments: As it is a digital bank, you don’t need to visit anywhere physically to get anything done. For almost everything, you can just scan and pay at any merchant through UPI.
  4. Unlimited Deposits: There is no limit on the number of deposits or deposit amount with Airtel Payments Bank. You can deposit any amount and as many times.


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