DJI Mini 3 Review


The ultimate drone from the DJI Mini collection is the DJI Mini 3, a perfect compact drone available on our e-commerce website. The DJI Mini 3 boasts the best in terms of obstacle manoeuvrability packed with intelligent flight modes. Whilst it is a compact drone that proves to be suitable for beginners or amateurs, the price tag of the DJI Mini 3 is left best with more serious and drone enthusiasts looking to elevate their current drone’s capabilities.


The tiny and lightweight DJI Mini 3 is perfection when it comes to being the perfect compact drone on the market. With many other improvements and amped up specs, the DJI Mini 3 boasts a whopping sub 250 gram as part of the Mini series. Due to its lightweight and compactness it is one of the best drones for many drone enthusiasts as it is neither too heavy nor too big. Being able to carry the drone around with ease makes the DJI Mini 3 an extremely popular and appealing choice for consumers.

Intelligent Flight Manoeuvrability

With a tri-directional obstacle manoeuvrability to avoid obstacles installed into the DJI Mini 3 system, the smaller drone not only outclasses the rest of the mini series, but also the sheer genius of the DJI Mini 3 technical marvel. A small and compact drone heavily focused on videography and quality pictures can directly avoid areas and objects without worrying about damaging its wings or blades or even the camera when operating

Upgraded Settings

Boasting in its potential and upgraded hardware, the DJI Mini 3 has not only a better sensor, but the video capabilities have also been upgraded to a phenomenal level as well as camera flexibility. The camera of the DJI Mini 3 can rotate 90 degrees allowing capture of stills and videos in landscape or portrait format

D1 Store is a popular DJI authorised e-commerce website that provides authentic DJI products to our customers for recreational use, digital creation, filmography, and other manners that our customers indulge with DJI products. The DJI mini collection is ever popular at D1 Store and other DJI authorised retail stores, the DJI Mini 3 is also available on our website and is a must buy for DJI enthusiasts looking to elevate their filmography or elevate their creative work! Check out the DJI Mini 3 and buy one today! For more information or queries, please feel free to contact us.

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