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With coronavirus pandemic shutting the country down, causing schools and colleges to close, the reality of online school is not far away. If not permanent, then the temporary phase of continuing our academic life from home is going to exist for an indefinite time. So to adapt to the changes that came with the spread of coronavirus in the United States, it’s time to find ways on how to make online studies more effective.

Unlike physical classes where travel or getting ready for college seemed a headache, getting out of your bed just to enroll in an online session that too in your home is tougher. Let us not even talk about the short attention span and unlimited distraction to struggle with during the online classes.

However, this is happening and we have to deal with it. Since many states have decided to let the schools and colleges remain closed, online classes are ongoing. Millions of students have already started performing their academic duties online and so have the faculty and staff. However, what we have yet to understand is the need for essential tools to make our online studying experience effective.

Unlike elementary school kids that need tons of things to begin their studies, college students have a little to demand. So let us understand what essential tools do we need, as a college student, to ace our online classes:

A Reliable Internet Connection

This one is beyond obvious, yet understated. A reliable internet connection is something we would think every student would have these days, but the reality is that most of them have just an internet connection; not a reliable one.

No matter how luxurious a life you think you might have, the necessity like a high-speed internet connection is not a given. This is because people have little knowledge of what internet speed they require.

However, since the coronavirus outbreak if there is one thing that we all have learned, it is never to depend upon a slow internet connection. A slow internet connection not only damages your whole mood to study but is also no help during online lectures and projects.

Therefore, what you need to do right now is to get in touch with some of the best high-speed internet service providers in your area. The Xfinity internet will help you out with this matter. Xfnity internet provides amazing internet bundles at affordable rates.

A Good Computer System

Another obvious tool that you might have taken for granted. It is certain that to enroll in online studies you need the internet and to access the internet you need a computer system. But what is less obvious are the requirements you need in your computer system to rely on it for online classes and tests.

Unlike law students that prefer having a slim and smart tablet that can work just as efficiently unplugged in court as it would work in a classroom, but online college students have different requirements.

The requirements might be as follows:

At least 2GHz processor 

For attending online lectures, you would need a fast speed internet processor. If your computer has an internet processor that operates on less than 2GHz then you should brace yourself for a bumpy online academic journey.

At least 4GB RAM 

Random Access Memory, commonly called RAM, refers to the function of your computer’s memory. If you have a computer that operates on less than 4 gigabytes then it will not keep up with the need during online courses.

Moreover, you do not necessarily have to HAVE a computer system for your online studies. The truth is that having a laptop can help you with achieving the full benefits of your online classes. This is because, with the laptop comes flexibility, which is something a desktop computer cannot provide.

The laptop allows you to change your places. If you do not catch appropriate Wi-Fi signals in your room then you can just pick up your laptop and head to the room where router throws the best Wi-Fi signals.

The Computer Peripherals

Now that you know enough about how to make your computer efficient enough to run online classes monthly, you might as well add some peripherals to increase its efficiency:

Noise Canceling Headphones:

For saving yourself from embarrassing moments during online classes, you need to have noise-canceling headphones.

Let’s be honest we all have a whole world going in our homes, and little do our family members cooperate with the fact that we are having classes online.

Therefore, instead of expecting sanity at your home invest your money in some good quality noise-canceling headphones. These headphones also increase the sound quality making online studying experiencing much better.


Along with noise-canceling headphones, you will also need a webcam for your online video classes.

Many college online courses require students to join the video conferencing, and for this, the need for a webcam makes much more sense.


Make online study experience whole lot efficient with the essential tools mentioned in the blog above.

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