Franci Freely Says to Prioritize Travel and You Will Never Be Bored a Day in Your Life


People recognize Franci Neely all over the world for the unique hat collection she has amassed for herself. As a recently retired attorney from Susman Godfrey, she also wore a lot of hats. She credits her former partner, Steve Susman, with making her laugh a lot. Susman was frequently telling Neely not to procrastinate. He always expected the best work from her because he’d seen her deliver it in the past. As long as progress was part of their long-awaited act together, they could both afford to wait a bit while for the perfection.

Her New Job These Days is Head of the Nancy Neely Foundation

Shunning perfectionism and embracing her own working style as a lawyer has always served Franci Neely well. Besides bearing the job title of the head of her own foundation, Nealy also holds a philanthropist position for the Museum of Fine Arts. The Rice University’s Baker Institute for Public Policy is another recent career accomplishment for Franci Neely.

Franci Neely Always Pushes Herself to Keep Moving

Even with all the cancelled and delayed flights due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Franci Neely is on track to visit every country in the world. Her most recent trip took her to Africa, and she has been to 180 nations in all. Neely never gets bored of the adventures ahead of her or behind her. She tells everyone that the trip she most enjoyed was the one she just returned from.

Travelling with an Open Mind is the Best Feeling in the World

Travel has never left Franci Neely’s to-do list, and she intends to keep it that way. Neely takes her camera everywhere she goes, and her advice to young people is always the same. She tells younger people they will never regret spending their disposable income on travel. Reading travel adventures from a book is one thing, but seeing the mountains and rivers that Neely has seen up close and people have been some of the highlights of her life.

Neely reminds people not to have any pre-conceived notions of the places they would like to travel to. Whether it’s culture or neighborhoods, new cuisine, and new places to visit, Franci Neely reminds people often that life is short, and adventure is waiting.

Life is Indeed Short, and It’s the People Who Make the Destination Interesting

For as many countries as Franci Neely has been to, she counts the pen pals and traveling companions she met in Cameroon and the Philippines as some of the most interesting people she currently knows. She has never regretted taking extra time to get to know someone or inviting a new travel companion on a trip that she would like to know.

In 2008, Neely’s hometown of Houston presented her with a $50,000 check as a Woman of Influence that year. She used the fund to introduce others to the wonder of travel and to volunteer in the community whenever possible. Franci Neely has five grandchildren, eight godchildren, and prioritizes family and friends in her life with every decision she makes.

Neely Still Refuses to Procrastinate

Franci Neely still won’t allow herself to feel bored or put off a chore or trip. She knows that she is fortunate to have as much free time and funds as she does, two things she intends to keep sharing with others for as long as she lives.

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