How long do cosmetic laser treatments last? You Have a Role To Play


Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, loss of skin elasticity and frequent contraction of facial muscles leads to skin dullness, skin wrinkles, and loss of skin elasticity.  However, cosmetic laser treatment methods are providing reliable solutions to these skin problems. Cosmetic laser treatment methods are non-invasive and utilize single-wavelength light to target small parts of the skin to reverse the effect of sunspots, acne scars, wrinklesand damaged dead skin cells.

The laser treatment mainly stimulates the production of more collagen and elastin. Collagen and elastin improve skin tone, firmness, increase facial volume and skin texture.

Lasting Time of Laser Treatment Outcome

After the laser treatment, your skin may take about a week to recover from pain and skin peeling. The outcome of the laser treatment can last for about three years, but it depends on the type of laser treatment. For quality cosmetic lasers, you can search for The Laser Trader.

However, the patient has a role to play in determining the period they enjoy the outcome results. You can take certain precautions to care for your skin and extend the period between two successive outcomes to over five years.

How To Extend The Interphase Between Two Successive Laser Treatments

Taking proper care of your skin increases the interphase period to the subsequent laser treatment.

1.      Sun Protection

After the laser treatment, one major thing to avoid is exposing yourself to direct sunlight. Maximally protecting your skin from sun exposure goes a long way to extend the laser treatment outcome period of stay. Use sunscreen with a high SPF of at least SPF30. Apply sunscreen even on cloudy days and avoid exposing yourself to direct,intense sunlight whether you’ve sunscreen on or not. In addition to sunscreen, utilize other methods to reduce direct exposure to sunlight, such as umbrellas and hats.

2.      Drink Plenty of Water

One primary requirement for your body to perform optimally is that your body must be hydrated. You need to hydrate your skin for it to look healthy and perform its functions fully. Dehydrated skin looks flaky, cracks easily and is unattractive. Therefore, failing to hydrate your skin adequately reverses the benefits of the cosmetic laser treatment. To extend the beneficial outcome of the cosmetic laser treatment, you need to hydrate your body adequately.

Increasing water intake increases vital nutrients to the body cells hence nourishing the body, including the skin. The water in the blood also helps in delivering oxygen to the brain. The body uses the skin to eliminate some of the body wastes by sweating, which is only effective when your body is adequately hydrated. Eight glasses of water will keep your body and skin hydrated.

3.      Proper Daily Skin Care: Clean, Moisturize

Cleaning your skin daily and several times a day helps remove dirt that might accumulate and cause bacterial infection. Moisturizing also helps your skin remain moisturized. Daily cleaning and moisturizing helps rejuvenate your skin and maintains the great benefits of the cosmetic laser treatment. Exfoliating by removing the dead skin helps your skin glow and look healthier.

4.      Healthy Diet

Eating well means nourishing the skin through the food you eat. Food rich in vitamin C and vitamin A help your body fight free radicals and helps your skin produce more collagen, which slows the skin ageing process and makes your skin look smoother. Fruits and vegetables will significantly improve the appearance of your skin.

5.      Exercising

Performing exercises is crucial since it helps the body detox and also helps release stress, thus reducing the levels of the stress hormone cortisol hormone. Though cortisol is essential in decreasing levels, the accumulation of cortisol due to heightened stress levels may wreck your body and skin. Therefore, it’s vital to perform exercises to keep your body hormones balanced and maintain a happy life, which is crucial for the growth of your skin.


Cosmetic laser treatment helps your skin glow again and makes you look younger. However, do not let the benefits down the drain by letting your guard down. Guard your beautiful skin by exercising, taking plenty of water, using sunscreen and taking cover from the sun, eating a healthy diet, and keeping it a routine to clean and moisturize your skin daily. Maintain that beautiful skin, and your smile will never dry.

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