How to be a financially secured and happy retiree


Retirement planning is all about making the right strategies and choosing the right investment plans for a long period of time. Even after doing everything, it all comes down to one question only-  Do I have enough savings, financial security, or assets that I can now retire? To gain a vague idea of how much money you will need before retirement, you can use a retirement calculator. Well, there are so many other factors that need to be achieved if you are looking forward to happy retirement life.

Here are a few things you must remember if you’re planning a happy and secured retirement anytime soon.

  • Start saving- Yes, we know you’ve heard this before a hundred times, but it’s never enough. You need to remind yourself that you have to save some money for yourself. You can start by putting aside the amount that will be spent on your essentials and take a small amount out of your salary that is just for you but never spend it. Invest the money and let the compounding do its work. You can use different tools, such as a retirement savings calculator, which will help you understand how much savings should be made.
  • Don’t go for high-risk investment- Do not chase too much diversification of portfolio even though the opportunity may look very promising. Take a slow and steady approach as it will benefit you in long term gains. The nature of the market cannot be trusted, and even if your risk appetite is not low, putting your money in a high-risk investment will make you lose your hard-earned money.
  • Financial security- Investing in the right mutual fund scheme can lead you to wealth creation because of the high return on investment. The right scheme exposes you to various asset classes as well as subclasses that further help you get superior returns. If you want a long-term investment that can generate income, you should consider equity since it is the best performing asset class in the long horizon. This will also help you in retirement, and to understand the numbers correctly, you can use a retirement planning calculator.
  • Invest in SIPs– Investing in a Systematic Investment Plan is one of the best ways of retirement planning. Through this instrument, you can choose to invest in any mutual fund of your choice according to your risk appetite and investment needs. With your regular monthly savings, you will be able to invest regularly as well. You can use tools such as a mutual fund retirement calculator to know how much you should invest in order to prepare for retirement. In addition to that, SIPs can also help you control your spending habits since you will have to invest regularly.


Even though retirement is a later stage of life, it should be one of the top most priorities of people during their work life. Retirement is not just about living freely without the burden of work but having financial security for yourself as well as your own loved ones. You must not sacrifice your retirement planning, or else you will become a financial burden in your 60s, and starting early is the only easy way out of this.

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