How to choose and buy ice cream paper cups: features


Features of ice cream cups

The choice of cups for ice cream requires taking into account many subtleties since the safety of products and their quality largely depend on this. The packaging material must be made of dense, high-quality materials that are highly resistant.

In recent years, paper ice cream cups have been in great demand, as they are environmentally friendly, reliable, and resistant to soaking. There are many parameters to choosing the suitable packaging material for your establishment. You should choose only high-quality and proven solutions that meet all standards.

Cup surface

When choosing an ice cream cup, particular attention should be paid to the surface type. You can choose glossy or matte models. Each solution has its disadvantages and advantages.

For example, a glossy cup finish is suitable if you want to draw attention to your brand. This type of coating is excellent for displaying bright colors. Clients will remember such products for a long time, packed in bright and colorful material.

Cup lid

There is also an excellent opportunity to pick up caps for ice cream cups. Lids may be required for many reasons. With their help, you can easily pack individual portions of products and provide an opportunity to purchase with you if you do not want to eat ice cream in an institution.

Lids are designed for different volumes of containers. They are usually used to keep ice cream from spilling during transport. In such packaging, you can easily re-freeze and store products for a long time. There are many different options for the design of lids for ice cream cups, allowing everyone to choose the best solution.

Cup size

All glasses for ice cream differ in size so that you can choose the right option depending on the serving. Among the most common options are:

  • 100 ml. This is a relatively small container size where you can present a small portion of ice cream for testing. These cups are usually used exceptionally rarely.
  • 150 ml. This portion is significant for those who want to eat some ice cream.
  • 200 ml. Such a glass is considered the most popular and in demand, making it easy to place a standard portion of products. Such containers are great for cafes, restaurants, and fairs where portioned ice cream is sold.
  • 300 ml. This is used a little less. You can put several balls of ice cream here at once. This portion allows you to place not only ice cream but also place pieces of fruit in a glass.
  • 400 ml. This is a large container, which is usually used for long-term storage of ice cream. For example, you can buy portioned ice cream to freeze it.

A large selection of different sizes of ice cream cups allows everyone to choose the best option for their preferences. All presented solutions differ in their characteristics and features.

Glass decoration

The design of the ice cream glass also differs depending on many factors. You can choose products of different shapes, sizes, and techniques. For example, you can order individual production of branded packaging products for specific customer requests to stand out from the crowd.

Such glasses should be ordered only from trusted companies. Then you will receive a 100% guarantee of high-quality products. A properly selected ice cream glass made of reliable materials will last many years, will not lose its quality indicators, and will not get wet immediately after the ice cream is put inside.

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