How to Design Your Graduation Greeting Cards


Graduations are a fulfilling and fun way of celebrating your achievements with your friends and family. It doesn’t come easily. Getting through school is a lot of hard work and sacrifice. Hence it deserves all the celebration. It is also an excellent time to show your loved ones your capabilities.

The ceremony involves various things, including receiving gifts and congratulatory messages from your family. Did you know you can make custom graduation cards using Mixbook? Learn more on how to make your graduation cards on Mixbook; sign up today.

The benefits of using Mixbook

Stand out from the crowd by making your graduation greeting cards using Mixbook. The process is uncomplicated and easy to follow. The online service has the guidelines laid out for you, allowing you to follow them without any problem.

The customer service is excellent, with a customer care team available 24/7 to assist you. They offer fast replies and help you as soon as they can. The deliveries are also timely, even for a short period.

Mixbook provides top-quality products. They usually print the cards on high-quality paper that ensures quality and class.

Mixbook is an online service allowing you to access it from your convenient location, saving your time and travel cost.

How to make a personalized graduation card?

Mixbook allows you to amaze your family and friends by creating a card that describes you.

Start by choosing a theme and colors that match educational achievements and personality. Follow every step of making the card as shown on the templates. Mixbook has got you covered on creating a unique and impressive presentation.

Add a picture to match your educational accomplishments. Choose an image that stands out during your entire school year or a photo representing your educational background.

Customize your graduation card

Mixbook has all you need to personalize your card to something you love. Use the various available editing tools, including fonts, stickers, colors, layouts, texts, and more.

After customizing your graduation card, add the finishing details; paper and cover type. Mixbook uses high-quality paper, giving your cards an excellent look and feel. The service ensures to provide incredible results to match your expectations and wow your guests.

You can choose from a portrait or landscape background to match your style. Mixbook is the best service in giving perfect results and creating lasting memories with your family and guests.

What are graduation gift ideas and trends?

The custom-made graduation cards it’s an ideal opportunity to show accomplishment. You can place the card at a visible place on your event or frame the card for display the whole year.

The customized graduation cards by Mixbook give an excellent way to say ‘I am proud of you’ or ‘I love you’ compared to the standard and ordinary electronic invitation.

Make your graduation greeting card today using Mixbook.

Mixbook is your go-to service when it comes to making graduation greeting cards. The process is exciting and straightforward. The service allows you to be creative and flexible when designing something you love. The products are of top quality and with fantastic finishing details.

Sign up on the Mixbook account today to begin.

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