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Incident Detection Is Critical to Effective Cybersecurity Programs


When running a small business with plenty of sensitive data in your network, you can often feel helpless – especially since the best cybersecurity suites are often incredibly expensive. Not only is your network vulnerable to malware of all shapes and sizes; if a skilled hacker ever decided to attack and breach your system, there is little that your network can do against it.

Fortunately, just as there have been strides in the progress of cybersecurity, smaller organizations now have a choice to go for quality cybersecurity programs that are reasonably priced. All you have to do is to ensure that your SIEM suite of choice has a primary focus on incident detection.

False positives can be more than just an inconvenience

When it comes to searching for anomalies or a potential cyber-attack, it is all about figuring out which events are worthy of your attention and which are not. Unfortunately, there are plenty of false positives that can make the job of a cybersecurity program much more challenging. Even worse, plenty of sophisticated cyber-attacks can look like a false positive, which increases the risk of an attack exponentially.

Incident detection serves as both the first and the last line of defense since a company’s ability to detect genuine incidents can mean the difference between a secure network and a successful cyber-attack.

Efficiency across the board

While you might not necessarily get a good idea of how effective your cybersecurity service is until you give it a try, a focus on incident detection can say a lot about its efficiency. After all, incident detection takes up the bulk of cybersecurity’s ability to get the job done. It means that they can streamline some of the more tedious tasks in threat detection, which means that you will receive results quickly. The best part is that most small organizations do not have an extensive network, allowing a reasonably priced cybersecurity system to get the job done even quicker.

Finding the problem faster is often more important than having a solution

The reason why incident detection is so critical to effective cybersecurity programs is that nothing else can be done until the cyber-attack is found. A service will not be able to make use of all of its features if it is unable to find the problem fast enough to get anything done. If you want to ensure that you minimize as much risk as possible when going for cybersecurity measures, it is always a good idea to look for incident detection before anything else. After all, being able to find the root of the problem has a higher priority than any other feature.

While it might be challenging to find a cybersecurity suite for an organization that cannot afford the best, there are plenty of effective alternatives. It is just vital that you go for cybersecurity suites that have their priorities in the right place!



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