Lack of Drivers in the Trucking Industry is a Real Problem


The lack of new truck drivers has become a real problem in recent times which has led to  many organizations to hire under qualified drivers with less experience than they would normally hire. This drought of qualified truck drivers is costing haulage companies a lot of money, according to Greg Baumgartner, who is a Houston Truck Accident Lawyer.

The low numbers of truck drivers are economically harming the trucking industry at large. This lack of proper payment is also affecting their social and family life. Even though occasional bonuses and rewards are offered to these truck drivers, but even still there are often more lucrative opportunities elsewhere.

Recently, a bill has been passed which supports the reduction of the age of the professional CDL drivers to promote safety, as it is believed that the younger they are, the better they can drive. Campaigners claim that “old age” plays a role in highway accidents involving lorries.

To avoid this, it has been proposed that higher salaries and better working conditions should be offered to existing truck drivers to keep them in their positions. This seems to be a better idea to deal with the shortage of eligible drivers than putting young and inexperienced lads behind an 18-wheeler on the highway. The more experienced the driver is, the more they will he be able to tackle the difficulties during a long trip, and subsequently there is less chance of highway accidents occurring as a result.

It has been recommended by the Centre for Disease Control that the age of the truck driver plays an enormous role in highway accidents. Young drivers, in my view, are careless and do not know the basics of maintaining the truck, which plays a key role in accidents. With experience comes security. Hence, reducing the age of the professional CDL drivers is not a smart decision and should be avoided at all costs. Instead, the agencies and trucking companies should provide better facilities for their experienced and trustworthy truck drivers to keep them on the road.

As hard as it might be for trucking organizations to raise costs to take into account higher wages and better advantages, this is the only way I can see to fill the gap to ensure trucks are driven by qualified and safe drivers.

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