Leen Kawas: A Pioneer Guiding Biotechnology’s Growth and Highlighting a Promising Infertility Therapy


In 2023, the biotechnology industry is overflowing with innovation and new opportunities, according to Dr. Leen Kawas, an experienced biotech executive and investor. As Managing General Partner at Propel Bio Partners, Dr. Kawas focuses on investing in private and public biotech companies with transformative technologies and strong teams. She believes the biotech industry is poised for significant growth due to the increasing overlap between biotech and advanced technologies like AI.

Dr. Kawas sees three key trends shaping the biotech landscape in 2023. First, there is an increased need for biomanufacturing capabilities. Currently, there is an industry-wide backlog slowing down the production of essential drugs and therapies. Dr. Kawas believes transitioning from manual to digital recordkeeping could improve manufacturing efficiency by 40%. Second, over 150,000 skilled technology professionals have migrated from tech companies to more meaningful work in biotech. Their expertise is helping accelerate innovations like COVID-19 vaccines and AI-enabled drug discovery. Finally, partnerships between pharma and AI drug discovery firms have tripled in three years, with $20 billion invested in the last 12 months alone.

Dr. Kawas boldly predicts AI will be the most significant catalyst empowering future biotech advancements. AI allows the analysis of massive datasets from diverse sources like genes, proteins, and metabolites. This enables better prediction of therapeutic efficacy and improved clinical trial design. AI also stands to unlock personalized medicine thanks to machine learning insights from patient data.

For example, Dr. Kawas highlights Inherent Biosciences, a Propel Bio Partners investment focused on revolutionizing infertility treatment. Inherent uses epigenetic analysis, which examines biological markers atop DNA related to health, disease, aging, and fertility. Though sperm testing analyzes motility and speed, Inherent has evidence this does not predict pregnancy success. Their epigenetic testing of males provides superior insights. Dr. Kawas is excited by Inherent’s first product and pipeline, which she believes can reduce the pain, cost, and time associated with infertility.

Dr. Kawas explains epigenetic signatures can be changed through lifestyle modifications, providing new options to improve infertility outcomes. This underscores her passion for investing in transformative biotech innovations like Inherent’s that positively impact people’s lives. Despite current industry challenges, Dr. Leen Kawas remains an optimistic pioneer guiding biotechnology’s growth and highlighting promising new therapies like Inherent’s infertility treatment. Her leadership and insights will be invaluable as biotech leverages technologies like AI to unlock a brighter future.

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