Mailroom Management Software Needed for Increase in Shipping


Many reasons contribute to the fact that parcel delivery and online shopping has grown to be such a big part of the world today. One of the reasons is that it has become so easy and convenient to shop online. Another reason is that there is a growing trend towards home and office delivery services. Most apartments and other rental properties offer mail and parcel deliveries directly to the recipient. Since so many more packages arrive every day that they did prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, it makes sense to choose mailroom management software and internal parcel tracking software to facilitate the process.

Why Is the Number of Parcels Increasing?

The statistics for online shopping and parcel delivery services are staggering. The period between 2019 and 2020 showed a 74% increase in online sales and shipping. ( There are two main reasons for the increase: the pandemic, as mentioned in article, and simple convenience. Many stores experienced lockdowns, communities were told to stay at home or socially distanced, and supply chains have been interrupted and delayed between manufacturer and storefront. People have very busy lives and e-commerce opportunities make buying their favorite products or trying new ones a breeze.

Closures and health precautions due to the Covid-19 pandemic have increased parcel delivery considerably.

Are Old-Is fashioned Ways Good Enough to Handle the Increase?

To put it simply, “No.” While some smaller residential buildings relied on paper logbooks or simple spreadsheets to handle incoming and outgoing mail, these do not provide the convenience, speed, and security desired by the recipients. It simply makes no sense to avoid mailroom management software these days. All data collection, organization, and analysis benefits from digitalization. It is simply the top way to keep things running smoothly when parcel volume increases so much.

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