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Today’s smartphones have evolved to the point that they allow you to play HD video games. Gone are the days of choppy graphics. The latest mobile games feature spectacular visuals, impressive mechanics, smooth gameplay, and rich storylines. If you are looking for some of the best Android action games, you are on the right page. In this guide, Mark Roemer Oakland examines the best action games for Android. These games will help you enjoy a thrilling experience. Without further ado, let’s check out 6 of these games.


BackFire sends you on a mission to kill your foes and cleanse the curse. You will control a small ship that shoots from behind. Numerous enemies will block your way trying to kill you. With skill and perseverance, you can protect yourself and purify the curse.

This action-packed mobile game will mesmerize you as the levels get more and more difficult to clear. So, if you are looking for a challenging game, BackFire is for you.

Black Paradox

Although Black Paradox has 2D mechanics and retro graphics, it provides a modern experience with tons of weapon choices and rogue-like elements. The colorful graphics of this action-packed game will keep you hooked for as long as you play the title.

Although casual gamers may go for this title, hardcore shooters will love this action game. So, if you are an avid game, this game is for you.


Downwell is an action-packed game where a young boy goes on an adventure to look for untold treasures. In the game, you have Gunboots to kill annoying creatures and collect gems as you move further into the well of darkness.

You can purchase useful items from the in-game shops, or you can level up to fight bigger monsters and reveal caves full of treasure. Each new level has something new and entertaining for you.

Super Starfish

Super Starfish features a colorful universe with stunning seas and tons of engaging things. This game is pleasant and engaging. Plus, it allows you to develop a space aquarium, which is exciting despite the fact that the game doesn’t offer finger-breaking action.

Immortal Rogue

Immortal Rogue is an action-packed rogue-like game that you can play with one hand. However, you still need to apply strategies to kill your enemies and level up. The graphics are also colorful and enjoyable.

Although this game is underrated, you will fall in love with it once you clear the first level. You will have much more fun if you play this game on a tablet.

Guns of Boom

If you are into FPS games, Guns of Boom is your best bet. It shares a lot of similarities with Team Fortress. Apart from tons of players and smooth visuals, this action game comes with a range of customizations and a dynamic PvP approach.


So, this was a list of 6 action-packed Android games by Mark Roemer Oakland. It’s essential to keep in mind that the majority of these games require a powerful mobile and fast internet connection for smooth gameplay.

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