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Asides from finding the best local movers in Toronto and scheduling properly, moving with pets implies some extra tasks. After all, this event is stressful not only for you, but also for your little fluffy friend. While at least you understand what is happening – even though you might not enjoy it – your dog or cat have no idea. Just imagine the confusion they must be experiencing! Strangers in the house, the things in the rooms are packed in boxes, the favourite sleeping corner is covered by random stuff, nothing feels familiar anymore… We prepared a short guide to moving with pets, which we hope will help mostly people who own cats and dogs. Enjoy!

Acknowledge the surroundings

This will be useful for you on the long run and super useful for your pet on the short run. Before the big day comes, make sure you take a few hours to walk around and get to know the new neighbourhood. If you are used to walking your pet, take them with you! This way, the new area will become more familiar to them. And finding new parks that are pet-friendly will surely benefit your four-legged friend. Not to mention you might get to meet some of your neighbours there, too! Ideally, the local movers in Toronto you are hiring should not be strangers on the moving day. So if the same people who come to your house to get you an estimate are also assigned to you on your moving day, that would be just great.

Look for the closest vet

While you might already have a favourite vet, it is useful to have a good vet near your home, too. Especially with the moving day approaching, it might just happen that your dog or cat is scared by your Toronto local movers. Who knows how they can react? Make sure someone in your family or a friend can take the little guy to the vet, should anything go wrong. Of course, there is a rather small chance that things go THAT bad, but it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Keep their stuff at reach

Surely your pet has their own belongings you will have to pack. From the food and water bowl to the toys and blankets, make sure you keep their stuff at reach. Especially the water bowl, which you will most likely need to have around. Usually, local movers in Toronto finish a job in 3-7 hours, so your fluffy buddy will definitely get thirsty during that time. And if they need their blanket to relax and sleep on, keep it somewhere near you. It might be a game-changer.

Try keeping them away

If you have a friend who can keep an eye on your pet while your Toronto local movers are doing their thing, that would be just great. Even a prolonged walk outside is better than the hassle of the move. You can also try taking the fluff to a pet hotel, if you don’t mind the extra cost. It really depends on what the pet is used to and what they feel comfortable with. If they are relaxed when you take them to someone else’s house, do this on your moving day! You will thank yourself later… and so will your local movers in Toronto.

Try to keep calm

We know, you will most likely be nervous on your moving day. But as difficult as it is, we advise you to keep calm. Your furry friend feels all your emotions, and any negative emotion will impact them. Add this to the stress of the day and you got yourself the recipe for a perfect disaster. This is why we recommend you stay calm and act natural. Pet them often, be nice to them, and try to transmit positive vibes. It will really help!

Have an emergency plan

Just in case things go wrong for reason or another – and oh, my, there is a quite high chance of that happening – have an emergency or a backup plan. Maybe your pet runs away in panic due to all the hassle, or maybe their health is affected. Keep the vet’s number in hand and, if possible, put a tracking device on your pet’s collar. You can easily find these in pet shops, and while they are not the cheapest items out there, they can really save your four-legged friend. Fingers crossed it does not come to something like this!

We hope these tips were helpful and you now feel more prepared for the upcoming move, including from the point of view of taking care of your pet. As local movers in Toronto with over 50,000 moves a year, we have seen a lot when it comes to the pets’ reactions to the moving day stress. We hope everything goes well with yours, but just take all precautions beforehand. And if you need movers, Let’s Get Moving is right here for you! Call us today!

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