Protect Your Enterprise with a Sophisticated Anti-Spam Software


Whether you are a small company or a large corporation, you have probably received countless spam emails and have perhaps even fallen for a few as well. Spam mail is pretty rampant and it’s always changing and growing increasingly sophisticated, which makes it harder and harder to visually distinguish between what’s legitimate and what isn’t. Given that falling victim to one of these scams could be disastrous for your company, it’s important that you have the proper protection systems in place.

Anti-spam software is generally easy to install; these are typically cloud-based programs that will be installed between your mail infrastructure and the Internet itself so it captures all incoming mail.

How Does it Work?

Anti-spam software works like a series of filters and its strategic placement in between your internet and your mail infrastructure ensures that it’s able to catch and filter all of the emails that come your way.

Using a variety of techniques including artificial intelligence algorithms, your software detects incoming spam and removes it before it even reaches your inbox. The filters will also remove viruses, worms, and suspicious attachments that may contain dangerous content. Some software such as Mailcleaner will also detect and categorise newsletters and other forms of mail. Regardless, all of the unwanted mail is stored away from your email in a system that you will have full access to. From there, you can delete the scam emails and release emails that were caught accidentally or that you prefer to save.

Customise and Change Your Preferences

A good anti-spam software will allow you to go in and make changes to the way emails are handled. You will be able to make customisations and change your preferences so that emails are filtered and dealt with in the most appropriate way.

For example, you will have full access to the quarantined emails, enabling you to save certain messages or delete them forever. This also ensures that you can retrieve an important email that was accidentally filtered; while this doesn’t happen often, it’s still a possibility. If there are particular senders that you want to make sure don’t get filtered out, you can also create your own whitelist of people that are safe for your inbox.

Software Is Fully Scalable

Anti-spam software will be fully scalable so you can increase its capacity and capabilities as you grow as a company. Packages are tailored to the needs of the company so whether you need to secure a couple of emails or thousands, you will be able to do so. In addition, you can also customise the settings of individual mailboxes.

With sophisticated anti-spam software, you can effectively protect your inbox from viruses and other harmful attacks. When it concerns your business, financial information, and personal information of your employees and clients, this is extremely important. With most software, you will be able to get a free trial so that you can get a good idea of what the software will do for you.

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