Questions you Need to Ask Before Buying Precious Metals like Gold and Silver


Buying silver or gold as an investment is not always effortless and straightforward as people think it is. Beginners in the investing game sometimes get lost in an array of options: “Should you get sovereign coins or minted gold bars?” “Maybe limited-edition coins would be the better investment?” or “Should I buy the 1oz gold coins for sale that I found or should I look for a better deal?”

A lot of sensible and realistic investors gauges bullion options by the premium and price on the market. But the premium is only one part of the situation. It does not mean that you will get the premium back when you sell the bullion.

Worst-case scenario, there are shameless dealers out there, waiting to take advantage of people that have no idea about the bar or coin investment. Most of these fraudulent dealers will trick buyers to buy a collector’s or numismatic coins and other useless collectables that have massive premiums but will not retain their values over time.

Because of this, it is imperative to know and understand how the precious metal investment works before you dip your toes into the game. In this article, we will answer some essential questions people who want to start investing in gold should ask before buying this precious metal.

What is the best way to invest in gold or other precious metals?

You can always invest in precious metals like by buying physical bullion bars or bullion coins, or you can buy it through ETFs or gold exchange-traded funds. Both methods have its advantage and disadvantages. While it is very appealing to invest in precious metals through exchange-traded funds because it is very convenient, there are a few issues investors need to address in relation to this method of investment.

For example, if you want to invest in using ETF, you will not own the precious metal. If you invest using ETF, you can’t claim physical gold from the fund. It means that you can’t get hold of the precious metals if you need it most.

In contrast, the advantage of buying physical, precious metals are that you can physically hold and own it.

Not only that, you will possess a pretty valuable asset that you can store outside the financial system, which reduces the risk of a counterparty. Counterparty protects us from the risk that the other party in agreement with defaults or failed to meet its obligation.

When an investor buys gold with ETFs, they relied on the financial institution to deliver them their agreed upon commitments. Because of this risk, buying gold that you can hold and store in your own home is a safer way to invest.

Should I invest in gold or silver bullion?

While both silver and gold are enchanting to invest in, gold is the better choice if you want to start as a precious metal investor. It has a broader market that is driven by investment and the demand for jewelry. Prices of gold are less volatile than the cost of silver.

Meanwhile, silver is more theoretical and has a stronger relationship with economic activity. It is because silver, has many uses, whether it is industrial, medical, or in the food industry. Because of that, silver can be very enticing, especially during down cycles when metal prices are low. The most significant advantage of silver over other precious metals is that it is much cheaper compared to gold; therefore, it is more accessible to average investors.

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Which is better to invest in, Bullion coins or Bullion bars?

Bullion coins like American Eagles, are one of the best types of precious metals to invest in. It is because sovereign currencies can be easily recognized, easy to buy and sell, and most especially, trades at a higher price than bullion bars.

You can purchase smaller-sized bullion bars, but they can be harder to sell, and transaction costs can be higher. For most institutional buyers or for people looking to buy large quantities of precious metals, bigger-sized bullion bars are a more sensible investment because of its lower premiums.

With all the ups and downs in today’s global economy, it is imperative to add security and diversify your investments like gold and silver. You need to know everything and anything about the world of precious metal investment to make sure you will get the profit that you deserve and avoid being scammed by fraudulent dealers.

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