Reasons Why Walk-in Showers Are a Good Idea


Having a regular shower is already satisfying; however, you will find a much better bathing experience when you have your first walk-in shower. This type of shower comes with a range of benefits not present in regular showers. Here is a list that can help you decide whether or not walk-in showers are for you.

They are easier to clean

Walk-in showers are easier to clean than the porcelain surface that bathtub-and-shower combinations typically have. The reason is that they don’t easily accumulate dirt and grime.

The cleaning time will be shorter without the shower door and partial divider panel. In addition, this type of shower doesn’t also require shower curtains. So, you don’t have to deal with mouldy ones or change them from time to time.

They are ideal for small bathrooms

Another reason to switch to walk-in showers is that they fit any bathroom size. Since you will decide about the design that fits your bathroom, you don’t have to struggle to fit a specific size or shape of a shower into your space. Most walk-in showers have an odd shape but are very aesthetic. As a result, you can utilize any space you have.

They are more accessible

Compared to baths, walk-in showers are far more accessible. This type of shower is the best solution for anyone in your family with mobility challenges. They don’t have a threshold or high ledge, making them safer for people with issues in mobility.

It is also why walk-in showers are a good investment for your future. As people age, they find themselves having mobility problems.

They look stylish

A walk-in shower can reflect your style. It could look modern, industrial, or anything that matches your preference. It all comes in your choice of furniture, tile, and accessories.

Modern homes are more likely to have walk-in showers. They also work well with contemporary styles as they are open and feature geometric shapes like circles or rectangles. The minimalists will also love their lack of frilly or elaborate decoration. Meanwhile, it’s also ideal for industrial-style homes to have walk-in showers. It is because industrial spaces are revealing and open, something that walk-in showers fit in.

They have an uncomplicated design

When designing a walk-in shower, you don’t have to divide the room into different sections to place the shower. Also, walk-in showers are open. So, you can place the same tile throughout the room. This allows your bathroom to have a continuous and more harmonious look.

They increase a home’s value

If you put it in the right room, a walk-in shower can boost the value of your home. It also transforms a small bathroom into a bigger-looking one. As a result, bathrooms play a vital part in every prospective home buyers’ decision. A full bath in real estate lingo is considered if a walk-in shower includes a shower, sink, toilet, and tub.

Assuming that you read everything in the list, it’s time to make a decision. First, ask your contractor about the best walk-in shower design that could meet your wants and needs. Having a professional to guide you starting from planning up to completion helps achieve the result you are aiming for. They can also help you plan your budget by providing expert insight and suggestions.


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