Riding An UTV On The Road In Montana? Here’s How To Make It Legal


Utility-travel vehicles [UTVs] are very popular in Montana. That’s because of the flexibility they offer. However, you must obtain a registration mark from your County Treasurer in order to make your UTV street legal in Montana. If you would like to learn how to make your UTV street legal in Montana, you should keep on reading this piece.

UTV Registration For Residents

In order to use your UTV on designated motorized trails in Montana, it must be registered. Here is how to make your UTV street legal.

  • Visit your county treasurer’s office and pay the registration fees to register a UTV in Montana. The County Treasurer will then issue a registration decal after that.
  • The vehicle’s back should bear the registration sticker.
  • Failure to display the decal is a felony that could result in punishment.
  • If a UTV owner misplaces the decal or it becomes unreadable, he or she must immediately request a replacement and pay a fee.
  • As long as you possess the UTV, your registration is valid.
  • An UTV used only on private property is exempt from registration requirements.

UTV Registration For Non-Residents

You may ride in Montana for up to 30 days if you are a non-resident and your UTV is legitimately registered in your home state. Before using your UTV in Montana, you must obtain a “Nonresident Temporary Off-Highway Vehicle Use” permit if it is not already registered in another state or country.

  • Offices of Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks (MFWP) and some county treasurers’ offices sell the permit.
  • If permission is necessary, it must be conspicuously posted on the UTV. Anyone who does not exhibit the permit is breaking the law and could be fined.
  • The permit is good through the end of the current year, December 31.

UTV Vehicle Regulations In Montana

Look into the rules, charges, and fees for the off-road trails in Montana you intend to ride.

  1. A valid driver’s license is a must for all riders.
  2. Riders must be 12 years or older. 12 to 16-year-old riders must have completed a UTV safety course and be under the supervision of a trained adult.
  3. Only predetermined crossing sites are used for riding on public roadways.
  4. All riders under the age of 18 must wear helmets.
  5. Regardless of whether the state or trail mandates it, UTV and dirt bike drivers and passengers should always wear the proper protective gear, including helmets.
  6. Never operate an off-road vehicle while intoxicated by alcohol or drugs. Off-road street legal vehicles must be road legal, as you can read here.
  7. Tickets, fines, and penalties may be issued for violating local and state off-road vehicle regulations in Montana.

Where Is It Allowed To Ride a UTV Or UTV In Montana?

You may only use UTVs and UTVs on designated OHV trails on public property. In Montana, cross-country riding is prohibited. If you want further details on trail riding zones, get in touch with your nearby Forest Service or BLM office and ask for a Motor Vehicle Use Map (MVUM).

If you need help registering your UTV, you should contact 5 Star Registration or 1 Dollar Montana. They can offer advice on all off-road vehicle registration, and tell you what you need to do to have a street legal ATV or how to make your dirt bike street legal.

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