Simplify Your Single Central Record with a Bespoke Software


With something as important as an SCR, it’s important that you are in the best position to store data, manage information, and order checks, among other things, so that you can avoid errors, comply with Ofsted and ISI requirements, and keep schools as safe as possible. These days, all of this can be done conveniently online.

With the right SCR software, you can upload your current SCR and store all of the information in one convenient online location. Most importantly, these online resources provide additional services that help you maintain efficiency.

Helping Your Get the Necessary Checks

There are a number of different checks associated with the Single Central Record, all of which are designed to keep schools as safe as possible. With a reputable SCR service, you can order various checks through the online portal and get results quickly and effortlessly. Some of the checks include:

  • DBS checks
  • Prohibition from teaching checks
  • Section 128 checks
  • EEA
  • Identity checks

Your SCR service providers make safeguarding your schools as convenient as possible, and most importantly, you will receive a certificate that guarantees compliance.

Updating You on the Health of Your SCR

When you upload your SCR to an online service, you are getting far more than data storage. Additional services include SCR audits, weekly reminders of required actions, automatic updates, and easy to order facility, among other things. With the right service provider, you can easily manage your SCR online, and you can trust and make sure that your school is as safe as possible.

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