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When you talk to a large number of students and ask them what they want from their college experience, you will get various answers and comments. However, when you boil everything, the results are quite simple. Students only want three things:

1. Good education – Students want to learn from professors, instructors, writers, technical experts, researchers and respected additions working in the field. They want the latest information and even cut, equipment, projects and experiences. Students also want to learn from people who enjoy teaching them, making learning fun and interesting, giving them unique learning experiences and they want to succeed.

Students love instructors who organize workplace tours, bring guest speakers, allow them to attend association meetings, conferences, and lecture in their field of study, asking them to help with research projects or assistance with consultation books, and more. They want information and practical and useful experiences, the type that will appeal to a large number of entrepreneurs who realize that these students are at the top of their game.

When asked, most colleges will notify you that they give their students the opportunity to get good education. Obviously, some universities do better work than others.

2. Experienced college experience – college is the time when students live and work with each other. Students want to participate in various campus activities, work experience, sports events, and groups and campus meetings on and off campus. They want to assume a leadership role in the interested field. They want to meet and get along with people they respect and admire, join groups with similar or diverse interests, show their knowledge and skills on the project, volunteers in the community and work better the college itself.

Some students seek opportunities to compete, opportunities to grow and opportunities for discoveries. Importantly, students hope to build relationships with all the people they contact, including: campus leaders, professors and instructors, administrators, employees, classmates, teammates, alumni, parents and people in the local community. Students want to form friendship, the type that survives for life. They understand that this personal relationship will enable them to learn, play, have fun, laugh, socialize and benefit psychologically.

Students with many friends greatly appreciate their college experience. People, offering, environment, culture, and relationships on your campus play an important role in the feelings and experiences obtained by students.

3. Good work when they graduate – no students want to pay thousands of dollars and invest two, four or six years in college education and then graduate with work. Because most students don’t know even the basics of effective job search, they expect their college to be present to save them and be there for them.

Many students see good work as the final destination. They want their college to give them employment information, guidance and training they need to achieve that goal. However, even students recognize that thousands of students cannot receive adequate assistance from a small number of people at the office of the career service. Expect students with competent to get information, developing work plans, preparing material, practicing skills, research employers, growing references and developing all employment presentations of one or two meetings with career services and by visiting their website at all unrealistic.

Students need and want universities to do more. They want their college community to do everything possible to help them identify, prepare themselves and land good jobs. It should be clear to everyone that students who are trained and experienced in the employment process

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