Sun Direct vs. Tata Sky: What and Why to Choose?


Long gone are the days when SD or standard definition picture quality was embraced and acknowledged. The present age is all about HD or high-definition and 4K quality images. Nowadays, Direct-to-Home or DTH Indian operators dole out HD set-top boxes for their users to enjoy their favorite content in high-standard visuals. Each of the operators presents its HD STB with a plethora of price lists, benefits, and features.

When choosing between Sun direct and Tata Sky, here are some of the best pros and cons of Sun Direct and Tata Sky.

Sun Direct

You get HD STB from Sun Direct at just Rs. 3500, and the recharge plan includes a range of benefits such as free-of-cost installation, a warranty period of 365 days on the set-top-box, and limitless recording for the user. Those who are determined can also choose the ‘Entrustment Model’ and pay just Rs. 1501 for the HD STB. However, in this plan, you wouldn’t be able to have accessibility on both its accessories and equipment. And there is no doubt that Airtel offers the cheapest HD STB in the market. More so, Airtel Payments Bank also offers multiple offers when you choose their platform to do Sun Direct recharge online.

Tata Sky

For Tata Sky’s HD STB, you just have to dole out Rs. 1499. The users with this STB can enjoy 1080I resolution content at a 16.9 ratio. You can also choose the premium Dolby Digital Surround Sound and get access to more than 500+ channels on Tata Sky’s platform. The STB is also packed with a series of Tata Sky services. For easy, smooth, and quick Tata Sky recharge, log into Airtel Payments Bank and get a vast range of offers.

Sun Direct or Tata Sky: Which is Better and Why?

Why Use Sun Direct?

  • Compared with Tata Sky, Sun Direct flaunts a better number of channels in respect of South Indian channels.
  • The channels can all be enjoyed in High-Definition resolution.
  • The price for Sun Direct is always economical than Tata Sky.

Why Not Use Sun Direct?

  • In Sun Direct, you wouldn’t be able to access Discovery Science, the Discovery Turbo, or even the Investigation Discovery channels.
  • You also wouldn’t be able to enjoy some of the Hindi/English channels.
  • When compared with Tata Sky, the number of HD channels in Sun Direct is lesser.
  • The price is on the higher side than that of Tata Sky.

Why Use Tata Sky?

  • The total number of HD channels in Tata Sky is more than Sun Direct.
  • You can enjoy all the Discovery Channels here.
  • There are more Hindi/English channels.

Why Not Use Tata Sky?

  • The number of South Indian channels in Tata Sky is always lesser than that of Sun Direct.
  • The price of Tata Sky is approx. Rs. 200 more than Sun Direct.
  • During monsoon, there is a chance that you would face difficulties and wouldn’t enjoy clearer pictures like Sun Direct.
  • The customer care doesn’t deliver good services.
  • Tata Sky doesn’t have a good spectrum of happy customers.
  • You would only get about 2 regional packs with Tata Sky

The best option is always Sun Direct. It is not only cheaper but also has better content than Tata Sky. The service stability of Sun Direct is way better than the latter and has a wide range of HD channels. As for DTH recharge, you can also bank upon Airtel Payments Bank. The website is one of the most loved and preferred options for paying bills online, given the security and range of offers on every payment it offers. Just log into and recharge your DTH to enjoy a vast range of benefits.

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