T-Mobile Says Hackers Stole Personal Data Of 37 Million Customers: Ongoing War In Ukraine Impacts African Nations


T-Mobile said around 37 million customers’ data is compromised and started contacting those affected persons. Hackers stole the data using a programming interface. The company said hackers have not obtained the data that impacts the safety of its customers’ finances or accounts. The disclosure is to inform the customers about a data breach.

T-Mobile disclosed this information to the US Securities Exchange on Thursday. According to information available from the best news websites, the data breach began on November 25, 2022, with the help of a programming interface that allows communications between various applications. The company noticed the data breach on January 5, 2023.

Hackers steal less sensitive data

The intruder obtained certain data of customers like names, phone numbers, email ids, addresses, and dates of birth through a programming interface. However, the financial details of the customers are not compromised in the malicious code attack. It said social security numbers, passwords, credit card information, financial account information, and government ID numbers of customers are safe.

T-Mobile said the malicious code responsible for the data breach was identified with the help of external cybersecurity experts and stopped the execution of malicious code in a day. The company said the investigation is still in progress. It said the data leak news is conveyed promptly to federal agencies and law enforcement agencies. The company said the data leak will not have any impact on its operations. However, it expects to incur expenses because of the data breach.

It is not the first time that a data breach occurs

The data leak also occurred in July 2022. In July, the hackers stole the license information of the drivers and social security numbers. According to the details provided by the company in August 2021, T-Mobile agreed to a compensation of $350 million for settling a class action suit. The July data breach affected over 76 million residents in the US.

Neil Mack, a senior analyst at Moody’s investor service, said cybersecurity breaches vary in nature from time to time. In a chat with the Associated Press, Neil said the frequent data breaches at T-Mobile are serious and alarming compared to its competitors. It raises doubts about the cybersecurity measures implemented by T-Mobile management. It is likely to attract the attention of regulators and alienate customers.

African Nations Bears The Brunt Of Ukraine War

In the breaking BNN world news, Janet Yellen, the Treasury Secretary of the US, said the ongoing Russian war in its neighboring nation – Ukraine impacted the food security of African nations. It is severely straining the economy of the content.

Janet Yellen visited a house, which witnessed the horrors of the slave trade, on Saturday. The house is situated on an Island and close to the Senegal coast. Yellen is on a ten-day trip with a task to rebuild the ties between Africa and the US.

Yellen said the trans-Atlantic and Goree trade also featured in American history apart from African history. Despite abolishing slavery, black Americans trace their descendants via ports across Africa. She acknowledged the brutal past’s ramifications. The tragedy did not stop even after generations of taking humans from these regions.

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