The amazing $10 indie game bundle for Ukraine has raised over $4 million

The amazing $10 indie game bundle for Ukraine has raised over $4 million
Almost 600 video games if you pay at least $10 for charity

Earlier this week, indie developers launched an amazing bundle with over 600 video games to raise money for charities helping relief efforts in Ukraine following Russia’s invasion. The Bundle For Ukraine smashed its $1 million goal in under a day, hit the second goal of $2 million hours later, and has now passed the third goal of $4 million. It is still a ridiculous bargain, offering so much if you pay at least $10.

The Bundle For Ukraine on offers 992 items, with a load of pen & paper games, game-making assets, books, comics, and other bits on top of the 573 video games. Those include A Short Hike, Celeste, Minit, Quadrilateral Cowboy, Hidden Folks, Baba Is You, and oh goodness me so many great games.

It really is a lot of games. If you don’t know where to start, I pointed out some of the games which caught my eye in our first post on the bundle. Our dear readers pointed out a great many more in the comments too, so do have a good scroll and see what they recommend.

All that can be yours if you pay at least $10, though you might want to pay more, considering the cause. All proceeds will be split between the International Medical Corps and Voices Of Children, providing medical support and psychological help for children.

277,652 people have bought the bundle so far, paying an average of $14.44. The highest single price was $9000, and you have to admire their restaint in not going over.

The bundle will be sold on until next Friday, the 18th of March at 7am GMT (11pm Pacific on the 17th). All games come as DRM-free downloads from Itch. The bundle was started by Brandon Sheffield and Necrosoft Games.

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