The Best Way to Study Effectively for Board Exams


It goes without saying that Class 10 and 12 students who aspire to top their classes need to succeed in their board exams. If you are a student of Class 12 and are aiming to ace the board exams, then you have come to the right place. The purpose of this article is to provide some insight into how to effectively study for board exams.

Every student, whether they attend the CBSE, ICSE, or state boards, understands the need to master the key concepts of the required subjects in order to achieve high marks in the board exams. Students of Class 12 Maharashtra Board will especially find this Maharashtra State Board Books for 12th to be very handy for the purpose of preparing for the board exams. In addition to these books, students can also follow the below-mentioned tips to improve their results.

Expert Tips to Score In Exams

Board exams are crucial to every student’s education. While there are no guarantees, these tips could help students score well on exams.

  • Study well and have a proper plan in mind: Never leave everything to the last minute. Organise your exam preparations and keep a timetable for study.
  • Identify the most productive time for studies: Try to work on your most difficult topic or subject when your brain is most active.
  • First, tackle high weightage topics: Focus on topics that carry more marks weightage.
  • Clear all the doubts in advance: Students are encouraged to clarify any doubts they may have about any topic or subject, as early as possible with the help of teachers.
  • Identify mistakes and rectify them early on: Refer to the solutions provided to identify errors or mistakes in the answers early on, so they do not occur during exams.
  • Prepare thoroughly from textbooks: Textbooks are the ultimate resource for students preparing for board exams. For last-minute revisions before exams, students can also refer to their notes to recall the key points.
  • Solve a lot of previous years’ papers: Studying previous years’ question papers is the best way to understand how question papers are structured, marking schemes, and question types.
  • Work on enhancing speed and accuracy during exams: Students often need help managing their time more effectively during exams. Students are advised to set a time limit while attending mock tests or while answering question papers, to learn time management.

In addition, it is very important for students to maintain their health in the critical period before the exam, since a single day lost to illness can have a lot of consequences. For a healthy mind and body, students should get enough sleep and eat nutritious food.

From the onset, while preparing for the board exams, textbooks definitely have a very crucial role to play. Most Class 12 students of Maharashtra Board will surely refer to Maharashtra State Board books for any doubts that might arise while studying for the exams.

By following these tips as described, any student will be able to succeed in their exams and become a topper. Along with these tips, students should take frequent breaks between long study sessions to prevent apathy, and re-energize their minds.

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