The Top Four Benefits of Clothing as Promotional Giveaways


Different companies have used promotional giveaways for many years as a way to market their business and get the brand exposure they need. With giveaways, you can let more people know about your business and brand, and you can give a positive impression of your company as well. But whilst promotional giveaways can range from mouse pads to pens to key rings and more, there is one kind of promotional giveaway which always stands out: clothing. Clothing in the form of t-shirts, polo shirts, shorts, caps, hats, and more can definitely be a great giveaway at any event or occasion, and they’re affordable and friendly on the budget, too. If you’re planning to give gifts to both your new and established customers, here are the top four benefits of clothing as promotional giveaways.

  • It does not have to be beyond your budget

The significant aspect of clothing as promotional giveaways is that it need not have an exorbitant cost. Even the smallest companies or start-up businesses can afford the cost of a typical t-shirt, and what’s more, if you order the item in bulk, you may even be able to avail of a bulk discount from the t-shirt and clothing printing provider. Additionally, clothing can last for years, especially if it is of high quality. If you have loyal customers and you want to make them feel extra appreciated or if you want to attract the patronage of new customers, you can give away clothing such as t-shirts and be sure that your customers will use them for a long time.

  • It strengthens your brand

With clothing as giveaways, you can also strengthen your brand’s image and have a better impact. T-shirts, caps, polo shirts, and other types of apparel can be highly visible and will serve to enhance your business’ presence wherever they are used. For instance, short-sleeved t-shirts are ideal for the summer season, and customers are likely to wear your t-shirts if you give them as gifts at this time. And since clothing is often worn in public, this automatically brings exposure to your business.

  • It is better than other promotional and advertising tools

People always appreciate it when they receive something useful. This is why giveaways such as ballpoint pens, calendars, mugs, notepads, and clothing will always be appreciated. Your customers can use these items anytime they want, and they will automatically remember your company every time they use the item. Promotional giveaways such as clothing will always be better marketing and advertising tools than brochures, leaflets, or other kinds of advertisements, just because they can be used again and again. Garments are particularly useful because even when they are old and worn out, people can still wear them, either at home or when they are running errands. They’re incredibly versatile and long-lasting, as a Liverpool t shirt printing company like Garment Printing can attest.

  • It is versatile, flexible, and visible

When you give away clothing as promotional items for your business, you can benefit from their timeless and useful appeal. Anyone can wear them, be it men, women, or children, and they are warm, comfortable, and stylish. Customised clothing such as t-shirts are especially brilliant because they are versatile – you can choose an elegant logo or design for your t-shirts or be as quirky and original as you want.

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