Top 5 fastest ODI centuries by Indian Cricketers


What can be more adrenaline pumping than scoring a century in an international match? Only a few more things such as a double century can be more exciting than this, however those are very rare in such situations. A century in the middle of a high pressure and high stakes match is what makes it all the more worthwhile. Even a half-century is enough to light things up and make the spectators go wild so imagine the hype of a century. India has had many great batsmen who have proved their mettle in several countless matches. 

Most of them have scored centuries however if they take their own sweet time in order to do it and waste more balls trying to get one it is simply a waste of time. Such acts are termed as selfish and are not fitting of a player whose first priority should be the team. Players who do such things are only doing so in order to get better in personal achievements and even be in the odi ranking batsman list. A player who can score a century without wasting the balls and still scoring plenty enough in order to boost his team forward, this is the ideal play for any player. Only a very few players have the skills to actually replicate it in a huge match.

It is impossible to score a boundary off every single ball so it is optimal for a batsman to start off slow and speed things up after reaching a certain score. An outstanding example could be Virat Kohli who accelerates things up right after reaching fifty runs. Rishabh Pant has his own style of play and accelerates from the point he is on the field and this aggressiveness is what has been his play style from the very beginning.

So let’s have a look at the top 5 fastest centuries in the ODI format by Indian players – 

  1. Virat Kohli – The King sits on top of the list and rightfully so, in this ODI match against the mighty Australia, Kohli scored the fastest century in ODI by an Indian in 52 balls. India was chasing a mammoth total of 360 which was set up by the Aussies. Virat reached this milestone on the 52nd ball. Even though he wasn’t the man of the match, which was given to Rohit Sharma who scored 141*, this was an unforgettable innings for Virat. This match saw complete domination by the Indian batsmen as Kohli’s men reached the target in 43.3 overs. The Jaipur audience weren’t short of anything. 
  • Virender Sehwag – Before the tag of fastest ODI century went to Virat Kohli, Sehwag was the previous holder of this record and had done it in a match against New Zealand and that too, in their den in Hamilton. Although Kohli did get the record, Sehwag holds the record as the fastest century by an Indian opener in ODIs and the fastest century by an Indian in ODI in an away match. In the end, India defeated New Zealand by D/L score. Also, it is in this match that Brendon McCullum jokingly checks Sehwag’s bat to see if it had something in it which made Sehwag play like a beast.
  • Virat Kohli – Yes, he comes up again and this one was just a few days after his fastest ODI century, this man is simply unstoppable. In another match with chasing, Virat was hot on the heels of the Australians already with a blazing start. This century was scored in 61 balls and was another breakthrough for India. Kohli and Dhawan both sealed the match with a spare 3 balls left. The Nagpur audience was left with their mouths open as Virat continued his golden streak. This ODI series was a treat for the watchers. Virat Kohli proved again and again that he is the rightful king of the chase in modern day cricket.
  • Mohammad Azharuddin – A record that stood the test of time for almost 2 decades, this record was unbeaten for 20 years and was one of the highlights of Azharuddin’s career. It seems like chasing a target brings out the best of batsmen as this record too was scored while chasing. The Kiwis had set a target of 278, the Indians chased it down with only about three overs left. This was yet another successful run chase. At that time, it was a huge deal as it was the fastest century at that time. The skipper had stepped up and answered to the call as he helped his team win by a miracle. An innings like this at that time was huge, the fact that the record stood for 20 years is a huge deal in itself.
  • Yuvraj Singh – This man has always been bad news for the England team. The match took place at Rajkot and the fans went into a frenzy as Yuvraj scored this century in just 64 balls. This happened about an year after he smashed Stuart Broad for six sixes in an over. The English bowlers did not have a reply to the six machine as he smashed them out of the park. Yuvraj was an absolute terror and nightmare for the England side. India won this again and it seems like a fast century in One Day International does boost your team’s morale and helps your team win like it has done with all the top five fastest centuries being only for a winning cause. 

Conclusion – A century not only boosts your team’s morale but also destroys the opponent’s. In almost all of the matches, India has won. A century isn’t a small feat and to do in a short amount of balls too separates the best from the rest.

Virat Kohli sits comfortably on the top with him being on the first as well as third on the list, his innings’ are a delight to watch. Such plays have the potential to turn an entire match upside down and help a team win even if it is tough.

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