Truck mechanics: The most common breakdowns


Truck operates dread having their vehicles in non-functional conditions. Truck breakdowns are common, and you would be frantically looking for a viable solution to fix the vehicle. Different technical issues can plague your truck, and you wouldn’t like the loss of productivity, right? So, it makes sense to have your truck in good operational conditions. Most truck owners contact reputed truck repair centers to address technical issues when they affect their vehicles. Working with a reliable service provider, you can have your truck back in proper working conditions.

Some of the common reasons for truck breakdowns include:

  • Old tires
  • Poor maintenance
  • Electrical issues
  • Faulty brakes
  • Cooling system problems
  • Issues with the fuel systems

 To give you a comprehensive idea, we have discussed some of the common reasons for truck breakdowns here.

Common factors resulting in truck breakdowns

  1. Tire problems

Trucks are heavy-duty vehicles, and the tires come under a lot of stress. Naturally. Tire issues account for truck breakdowns very frequently. Besides, drivers fail to ensure proper maintenance of the tires, taking them for granted. Worn tread, wrong inflation level, or damage in the material can lead to flat tires, leaving you stranded. Besides, these can also lead to violations of the recommended safety level. So, before you commence on a trip, you need to get the tires inspected. Properly inflate the tires and have the right tread depth in all the tires before you start with your journey.

  1. Brake problems

Brake issues are fairly common in commercial trucks. These are mainly caused when there are contaminants in the supply of air for the truck’s brakes. Besides, your truck might have corrosion issues around the brakes, leading to similar problems.

Brake concerns also arise from timing imbalance and leaks in the air pressure. Therefore, it would be wise to inspect your brakes for possible damage when you take the truck for maintenance. Also, when you replace your brakes, use quality parts. To ensure the safety of your truck, you need solid brakes.

  1. Electrical issues

In diesel trucks, you have several complex electrical components. A technical glitch in any of these parts can affect the overall operation of the vehicle. For instance, electrical issues might affect the cranking system, lighting, and charging systems. To make sure that you face no problems with the electrical connections, it would be wise to switch to LED lights.

Besides, you might have some components consuming more electricity, leading to electrical loads in your truck. This can strain the overall system. Therefore, you need to seek professional support at a reputed truck center from experienced mechanics, who specialize in fixing diesel engine trucks.

  1. Engine overheating

Overheating of your truck’s engine can be a matter of concern. Issues in the fuel tank or a blown gasket can lead to the development of excessive heat in the engine of your truck. In case you do not address the issue immediately, it would aggravate over time and lead to heating problems in your engine. So, you need to consult a reputed truck mechanic to review the situation. Professionals at the established truck centers can help you out, preventing further damage to the engine.

  1. Starter failure

Starter failures in trucks are more common when you operate in colder temperatures. You need to review the starter mechanism of your truck at the offset of winter to check its condition. When you get across to a reliable truck repair center, the experts would easily identify the issue and recommend the necessary solution to you. They might recommend you to turn off some of the non-essential components, like the radios in your truck.

It would be wise to get your truck maintained and serviced at one of the reliable truck centers. Experienced professionals can detect possible glitches and prevent the same before they leave your vehicle stranded or lead to expensive repairs.

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