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Studying in the United States has become a choice of more and more people. Due to the difficulty of applying, many people choose to entrust a study agent to help apply. The role of the study agent is not only in the application school, but also in the case of cheating in the US exam (also known as 美国考试作弊). How do you deal with the expulsion (also known as 开除应对)? Not only that, many people apply for h1b visas after graduation. However, the refusal rate has become higher and higher in recent years, so the 2020 h1b application (also known as 2020 h1b 申请) still needs to be prepared as soon as possible. Even if it is h1b job change (also known as h1b跳槽), it is necessary to be careful and grasp every step of the h1b transfer process (also known as h1b transfer流程). It is best to consult a professional Bay Area h1b lawyer (also known as 湾区h1b律师) and take a detour.

It mainly includes notary fees, medical examination fees, visa fees, school application fees, school registration fees, tuition fees, living expenses and travel expenses, etc., while tuition and living expenses account for a large proportion of all expenses. Students and parents are reminded to consider the exchange rate between the RMB and the foreign currency and inflation.

To study abroad, you must have a good language foundation. High school students can take TOEFL or IELTS in the country or abroad, and college students must pass the TOEFL or IELTS before going abroad. For graduate students, on the basis of taking TOEFL or IELTS, if you are studying science and engineering, you must take GRE, and then decide whether to increase the professional examination according to the different requirements of the school and the profession. GMAT. The IELTS test fee is 1,550 yuan, the TOEFL is 750 yuan, the GRE registration test fee is 175 dollars (the change fee is 40 dollars), and the GMAT test fee is 225 dollars.

The documents that need to be notarized for studying abroad mainly include: birth certificate, academic certificate, transcript, no criminal record, family member certificate, marriage (divorce) or unmarried certificate, kinship certificate, personal experience certificate, economic guarantee (bank certificate issued by bank) ). The country to be applied for is different, and the items required for notarization are also different. In addition, the corresponding notary project should be added according to individual requirements. Notary fees are based on the length of time and the project, between 100-300 yuan.

The fees charged for applying for a visa have certain standards in each country. Under normal circumstances, the standard of visa fees for the citizens of State B to receive the citizenship of the citizens of State B is equivalent to the standard for the visa fees of the citizens of State B. The amount of visa fees is generally indicated on the visa, and some are stamped. US non-immigrant visa application fee is $100.

The specific fees vary from university to university and are related to the selected subject. Details are available when requesting information from the university you are applying for. Generally, college tuition in the United States is 70,000-200,000 RMB/year, and living expenses are 60,000-100,000 RMB/year.

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