Why You Should Consider Moving to Thailand


Thailand is a beautiful country and a great place for a holiday, but what if you want to spend more time there? It’s not a crazy idea. Lots of people move to Thailand and they have a huge expat population from the UK, USA, and all across the western world. So, why should you consider moving? Here are some things many expats love about the country and why it’s such a popular destination.

The cost of living might be cheaper

Thailand is not as cheap as it once was, but many expats find it more affordable than their home countries. Rent can be a little cheaper, although the cities can be pricy, and the cost of living is generally lower for a lot of things.

There’s a big expat community

While you may be thinking of moving abroad to embrace the local culture, there are advantages to having a big expat community nearby.

  • It’s nice to have people around who speak your language
  • There’s advice and support on settling down
  • Things don’t feel so unfamiliar when you first arrive
  • They’ll give you tips on adjusting to life in Thailand

If you move to Thailand, consider finding some expat groups nearby, as they can really help in those early days and when you’re feeling homesick.

You will find international schools

A great thing about moving to a popular expat country is that your children’s education need not be affected. This is because it’s easy to find an international school Bangkok, where they can get internationally recognised qualifications that will help them excel in life. International schools are excellent for expat kids, as they have their own community and a welcoming vibe, and most students are in the same boat as them. This means they won’t feel isolated when starting their new school.

There’s lots of natural beauty

If you’re going to move overseas, you want to live somewhere beautiful, and Thailand certainly ticks that box. The beaches are hugely popular with expats and tourists, and you won’t believe how gorgeous some of them are. Living in the country gives you plenty of time to explore.

There are many reasons to move to Thailand, so why not look into it as an option? Many expats have taken the plunge and live happy lives in the country, and you may well find you enjoy the pace of life and the friendly culture that keeps people living there for years.

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