Working from Home – How to Take Better Breaks to Improve Productivity


You’ll never be able to offer 100% productivity all the time, but you will be able to stay close to that number if you include regular breaks in your work routine at home. It is impossible for anyone to work all day, nonstop, without paying the price. If you are thinking about starting a business from home or you’ve already begun, read this article to learn more about better breaks and productivity.

Difference in Productivity

Anyone who has a home business in Australia and who has worked in an office setting will tell you that these two environments are vastly different. There is no sense in comparing the two as one is very different than the other. Productivity will differ because you are exposed to different interruptions and your focus isn’t the same.

You’ll encounter lots of different distractions that aren’t an issue at the office.

  • Kids
  • Pets
  • People visiting your home

But all of that doesn’t mean you cannot be productive, you can.

Taking the Right Breaks

Many people think they are wasting time taking breaks and they’d be better off focusing on their tasks for extended periods. This simply isn’t true. If you spend too much time working without a break, productivity will continue to drop as your focus and motivation decrease.

Taking a break means actually taking a break from all work-related activities – opening emails is not taking a break from work!

When we discuss the importance of breaks, we need to know how often we should take them and how long they should be. There are many opinions on break times, on average, it is best to work for 1 hour and then take a 15-minute break. Studies also show that short, intermittent breaks are better than taking one or two long breaks throughout the day.

When working at a computer, it is important to take a short break away from the desk and leave your home to get some fresh air. You should avoid having your break at your desk, as your eyes need a rest from the computer screen.

If you want to work to your maximum capacity and stay as productive as possible, you should carefully plan your breaks and stick to a schedule. Even if you’re busy, don’t stay for a prolonged period in front of the computer. Taking the right number of breaks for the correct amount of time will boost your productivity.

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